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Self Love Gift Box

Self Love Gift Box

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SELF LOVE BOX: Smudge with the delicate fragrance of Rose Petal White Sage to cleanse and energetically attune to loving vibrations as the rose quartz sculpture from Madagascar helps you open yourself to all forms of affection, especially those from yourself to yourself. The included clear quartz sphere from Brazil will amplify the energies of the other crystals in the box and can be programmed with intention.

SELF LOVE BOX DELUXE: Inject passion into your day to day with the optional Tanzanian ruby grounded in zoisite. Let this unique combination of fire and earth vibrations help you direct your energies where you feel most invigorated – for the benefit of the person who matters most in your life (that would be you!).

SELF LOVE BOX ULTRA: For a truly out-of-this world experience, upgrade your box with a piece of genuine 28-million-year-old Libyan desert glass. This tektite ­– a mineraloid that forms from the impact of a meteorite ­– is highly transformational, associated with rebirth, and will help you come into your power.  

Our basic Self Love Box starts at $69 and costs $99 with the addition of the ruby in zoisite and $129 with the addition of the Libyan glass. The photograph is of the Self Love Box Ultra.

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