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Tanzanite // 23.69 Grams

Tanzanite // 23.69 Grams

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Discovered in 1967 and sourced in only one location on earth – Merelani Hills, Tanzania, near Mt. Kilimanjaro – enigmatic blue-violet or violet-blue tanzanite is one of the rarest and most prized gemstones on the planet. A translucent variety of zoisite, tanzanite was initially named tanjeloffite after Astro West President Marc Tanjeloff’s grandfather Julio Tanjeloff and was first brought to the United States from Tanzania by Julio Tanjeloff himself. It was later renamed by Tiffany & Co. This violet-indigo gem crystal – formed approximately 585 million years ago – displays startling clarity with a gem-rough portion that begs to be cut and faceted. With a natural perfect termination and beautiful luster, this specimen also features a secondary crystal growing on the back.

Dimensions: 11/16"L x 1/2"W x 1-11/16"H, Weight: 23.69 g
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