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Prosperity Crystal Kit

Prosperity Crystal Kit

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Every crystal emits a unique ionic frequency to which our bodies can attune and which benefit us in different ways. This specially curated set is meant to bring you prosperity and abundance. Place these stones in the space where you spend the most time, carry them on you, or use them to meditate. The pocket kit features citrine, pyrite, and green aventurine. The five-crystal deluxe kit is shown, which also includes sapphire and jade. The malachite slab is not included.

Citrine harbors the energy of the sun and brings wealth, abundance, and success while motivating and facilitating creativity. Citrine is also a manifestation stone. It energizes and emotionally balances and resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

Protective pyrite reflects the color of gold. As such, it brings riches and happiness, but it can also halt negative thought cycles and bring the truth into focus. Pyrite carries the warmth of the sun and facilitates confidence.

Green Aventurine
Lucky aventurine creates opportunity and is a heavyweight manifestation stone. Great for prosperity, this crystal harbors supportive energy for those going through changes and helps with releasing old patterns to facilitate growth. 

+ Sapphire
Sapphire is a stone of nobility. This crystal is associated with luck and thought to bring prosperity. It harbors healing energy and promotes wisdom.

+ Green Jade
Green jade is connected to luck and abundance and brings peace, easing overthinking. This crystal helps you to manifest your ideal reality. Jade lends strength and compassion.

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