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Peace & Meditation Crystal Kit

Peace & Meditation Crystal Kit

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Every crystal emits a unique ionic frequency to which our bodies can attune and which benefit us in different ways. This specially curated set is meant to bring you tranquil vibes. Place these stones in the space where you spend the most time, carry them on you, or use them to meditate. The pocket kit features amethyst, blue calcite, and rutilated quartz and the deluxe version adds Mangano calcite and a selenite palmstone. The malachite slab is not included.

Soothing amethyst has been known to help with anxiety and is a wonderful crystal for meditation, as it facilitates connection with the crown and third eye chakras and is linked to intuition. 

Blue Calcite
Blue calcite brings very relaxing energy, calming the mind and the emotions and facilitating communication between the mind and heart. This unique stone also intensifies dreaming, heightening vividness and clarity as well as the ability to communicate insights gleaned from the dream state.

Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated quartz works on anxiety by helping you root out the cause and move beyond it. This is a great crystal for programming as the titanium dioxide needles amplify intentions and manifest them. Rutilated quartz also bolsters clear decision-making and self-sufficiency.

+ Mangano Calcite
This peaceful, gently-hued pink stone brings peaceful energy, sparking self-love and caring for others. This crystal links the seventh (crown) and fourth (heart) chakras, promoting energy flow from crown to heart and helping with the clearing of suppressed feelings. Mangano calcite helps you makes room for divine love.

+ Selenite
This purifying crystal calms volatile emotions and transmutes negativity. Selenite brings clarity of mind and facilitates connection to higher consciousness.

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