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Millbillillie Meteorite // 3.09 Grams

Millbillillie Meteorite // 3.09 Grams

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This meteorite was acquired from the Bethany Sciences collection and comes in a display box with an informational Certificate of Authenticity. This is the type of meteorite that Meteorite Man Robert A. Haag thought he was buying when he discovered the Calcalong Creek lunar meteorite, which came out of the same strewn field as the Millbillillie.

This meteorite is a piece of the popular asteroid 4 Vesta, which has the greatest mass in the main asteroid belt aside from the dwarf planet Ceres. 4 Vesta is nearly spherical enough to be classified as a dwarf planet itself. The Millbillillie eucrite meteorite was an observed fall in 1960 in the Wiluna district in Western Australia. The fall had a total weight of at least 25.4 kg. It was discovered by train station workers F. Vicenti and F. Quadrio, who did not search for the meteorite after seeing an object emitting sparks fall onto a nearby plain but M. Finch and D. Vicenti found two pieces of it on the land where it fell in 1970 and 1971. 

Dimensions: 1”L x 1/8”W x 5/8”H, Weight: 3.09 g

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