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Love Crystal Kit

Love Crystal Kit

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Every crystal emits a unique ionic frequency to which our bodies can attune and which benefit us in different ways. This specially curated set is meant to help you open to and attract love. Place these stones in the space where you spend the most time, carry them on you, or use them to meditate. The three-crystal pocket kit includes rose quartz, carnelian, and a clear quartz sphere, and the deluxe kit (pictured) adds Mangano calcite and a ruby. The malachite slab is not included. 

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz emanates warm and fuzzy vibrations that help open you up to both external love and love from yourself to yourself. This crystal is heart healing, resonates with the fourth (heart) chakra, and sparks compassion.

Carnelian/Botswana agate
Carnelian stimulates sexuality. This vitalizing stone also combats anger and depression and acts as a stabilizing force that motivates while sharpening the mind. It facilitates embracing life and can either promote or prevent fertility.

Clear Quartz Sphere
Clear quartz is a powerful healer that resonates with all the chakras. It is eminently programmable and amplifies energy, including that of the other stones in this kit, and the spherical shape allows this crystal's vibrations to emanate in every direction. Try imbuing it with loving intentions.

+ Mangano Calcite
This peaceful, gently-hued pink stone brings powerful healing energy, sparking self-love and caring for others. This crystal links the seventh (crown) and fourth (heart) chakras, promoting energy flow from crown to heart and helping with the clearing of suppressed feelings. Mangano calcite helps you makes room for divine love.

+ Ruby
Fiery ruby is a red variety of corundum and invigorates passion, intensifies emotions, and brings fearlessness. This protective stone stimulates the base or root chakra and is known as a stone of royalty.

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