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Hessonite Garnet, Doublet Opal, and Sapphire Ring

Hessonite Garnet, Doublet Opal, and Sapphire Ring

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This visually arresting arrangement sets the warm orange tones of a large unfaceted hessonite garnet against the cool radiance of a geometrically shaped doublet opal, all accented by rare green sapphires and set in a sterling silver band ornamented with gold leaf. 

Garnet resonates with the base and heart chakras and embodies passion. This stone helps with controlling anger and represents commitment and love. Soothing blue opal harbors healing energies and sapphire has long been connected with royalty and further soothes while also bringing wisdom and prosperity.

All rings can be resized within five business days for a $25 fee.

Size: 7
Dimensions of setting: 27mmL x 20mmW x 9mmH
Weight of ring: 12g

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