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Healing Crystal Kit

Healing Crystal Kit

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Every crystal emits a unique ionic frequency to which our bodies can attune and which benefit us in different ways. This specially curated set is meant to bring you healing energy. Place these stones in the space where you spend the most time, carry them on you, or use them to meditate. The pocket kit includes rutilated quartz, rose quartz, and galena and the deluxe version adds amethyst and sunstone. The malachite slab is not included.

Rutilated Quartz
Rutilated quartz works on anxiety by helping you root out the cause and move beyond it. This is a great crystal for programming as the titanium dioxide needles amplify intentions and manifest them. Rutilated quartz also bolsters clear decision-making and self-sufficiency. This crystal has also been known to ease feelings of loneliness and can be beneficial to work with for those who suffer from depression.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz emanates warm and fuzzy vibrations that help open you up to both external love and (especially) love from yourself to yourself. This crystal is extremely heart healing, resonates with the fourth (heart) chakra, and sparks compassion.

Galena is a strongly protective and grounding stone and facilitates a deep connection with the earth. It’s a fantastic tool for shadow work, reflecting light on the parts of ourselves that we don’t always want to see but which once unearthed can be acknowledged and accepted or released for powerful transformation, growth, and healing.

+ Amethyst
Soothing amethyst has been known to help with anxiety and is a wonderful crystal for meditation, as it facilitates connection with the crown and third eye chakras and is linked to intuition. 

+ Sunstone
Invigorating sunstone harbors the warmth of the sun and radiates joy. It emanates light and acts as a fiery pick me up for the sluggish soul. This crystal resonates with the solar plexus chakra and cleanses negative energy.

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