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Grounding Crystal Kit

Grounding Crystal Kit

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Every crystal emits a unique ionic frequency to which our bodies can attune and which benefit us in different ways. This specially curated set is meant to ground and center you. Place these stones in the space where you spend the most time, carry them on you, or use them to meditate. The pocket kit comes with clear quartz, black tourmaline, and shungite, and the deluxe version adds galena and aragonite. The malachite slab is not included. 

Black Tourmaline
Black tourmaline or schorl is a powerful protective crystal that absorbs and transmutes negativity and resonates with the root chakra. Tourmaline emits negative ions, which coupled with the electric properties of the iron present in the stone creates a strong grounding field.

Shielding shungite is a heavily grounding stone capable of helping you to focus your energy and your intentions. This crystal absorbs and protects from negative vibrations.

Clear Quartz Sphere
Clear quartz is a powerful healer that resonates with all the chakras. It is eminently programmable and amplifies energy, including that of the other stones in this kit, and the spherical shape allows this crystal's vibrations to emanate in every direction. Imbue it with the intention to keep yourself centered in the moment.

+ Galena
Galena is a strongly protective and grounding stone and facilitates a deep connection with the earth. It also helps with shadow work, reflecting light on the parts of ourselves that we don’t always want to see but which once unearthed can be acknowledged and accepted or released for powerful transformation and growth.

+ Aragonite
Aragonite is a grounding stone rife with the energy of the earth. This crystal harbors stabilizing vibrations and eases transitions. Aragonite is the mineral that forms in layers over fossils like ancient ammonites, creating an opalization effect.

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