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Gibeon Meteorite // 118 Grams

Gibeon Meteorite // 118 Grams

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This meteorite was acquired from the Bethany Sciences collection and was once a part of the private collection of Meteorite Man Robert A. Haag. It includes two informational Certificates of Authenticity including one with Haag's name and comes in a labeled display box.

The Gibeon meteorite fell in prehistoric times and was found in Namibia in 1836 over one of the largest known strewn fields (over 275 kilometers long). The meteorite itself dates back approximately 4.5 billion years, making it about as old as the Earth. It is an iron meteorite, classified as a fine octahedrite, and this specimen fantastically displays the Widmanstätten pattern unique to iron nickel meteorites when etched.

Dimensions: 2-7/8"L x 1/4"W x 3-1/2"H, Weight: 118 g

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