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Ammolite with Garnets Pendant

Ammolite with Garnets Pendant

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This dynamic pendant features the shifting oranges and greens of ammolite (opalized ammonite fossils) enhanced by the pinks and reds of the accenting red garnets and rhodolites, all set in sterling silver with the judicious application of gold leaf.

Ammolite is made when aragonite forms in layers over the outer shell of an ammonite fossil, creating an opalization effect. Thicker layers typically show orange, red, and yellow colors, while thinner layers create greens, blues, or even purples -- purple being the rarest and most cherished color on an ammolite. Ammolites harbor energies of wisdom and prosperity, while the red garnets invigorate this piece with passionate vibrations and the rhodolites bring the spirit of emotional healing.

Chain not included.

Dimensions: 45mmL x 20mmW x 7mmH
Weight: 9g

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