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EMF/5G Protection Crystal Kit

EMF/5G Protection Crystal Kit

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In a metaphysical sense, each crystal holds a different vibration that can affect our lives in different ways. We've put together a set of crystals specifically meant to help counter the potential effects of EMF and its energies into your life.

Black Tourmaline
The most effective stone for countering electromagnetic radiation. Tourmalines naturally emit negative Ions and most technology emits positive ionic radiation. When these positive harmful ions encounter healthy negative ions, their charge is diffused rendering them harmless. Black Tourmalines get their color from the high quantities of Iron – when the negative ions are coupled with the electric properties of the Iron, it creates a protective field that permeates the surrounding environment, thus neutralizing the harmful effects of EM radiation.

Red Jasper
Red Jaspers nature is cooling and calming. Most Jaspers invite us to slow down and relax. The strong red colors bring us to a place of grounded centeredness, and invite us to the sense of feeling protected. Great for anger issues or overheating. Brings you to the inner space that allows your defences and other stones in this kit to remain fully activated.

A great natural cleansing stone which purifies the entire energy body. A unique form of crystalized carbon, the foundational element of life, can bring us into a refined alignment with our energetic bodies to better ground and purify ourselves.

The lead in Galena is fundamental in countering all kinds of electromagnetic pollution, including all types of radiation. It is the density of lead that inhibits the waves of EM radiation. Famous for transmuting negative energies into positive, this is a must-have for the deflection of unwanted radiation.

The great cleanser! Selenite comes with all of our kits and it provides a medium of cleansing for all your stones so that no maintenance is required. Simply place the stones near or on the Selenite when in use or when on display in your home. Clears all blockages and transforms the negative into positive. A prerequisite for all crystal work!

Herkimer Diamond
These double terminated Quartzs channel very high energy. They resemble Diamonds in the rough, hence the name. Their unique formation makes them ideal stones for removing energetic cords and clearing the emotional/mental body. They invite very powerful higher frequencies when coupled with the other stones in this kit, acting as a power house to clearing space, enforcing protection and inviting peace.

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